Taiwan Postman

Taiwan Postman

I spent part of the late morning at a morning market in Taichung photographing people as the moved from deep shadow to full sun light. This was one of about five photos that I really like.

Student Looking Closely

Student Looking Closely

My wife and I have been working with the Quanta Culture and Education Foundation to provide papermaking experiences. This was at the Jong-He Elementary School in Chaiyi County, Taiwan.

NanHua University Library

NanHua University Library

This is a stunning space. Since this was not taken straight the vertical of the windows and stair lands are not perfectly level. Even so, I really like the light coming in from the windows

Workmen in mini van saying goodbye

Workmen in mini van saying goodbye

This is one of the five construction men from the previous photo. He appeared to be the only one who did not chew betel nuts. His teeth are white. I'll try to get a portrait of someone who chews. The mini van all five were riding in is very small and full of tools and junk. It might have been 6' X 4" wide. Here is a link to a picture of this type of van. http://lovesac.typepad.com/.a/6a00e5501c846a883301156f689bf9970c-400wi

Construction Workers

Construction Workers

These five workmen had been working on a construction site. They had just finished work. The guy with the pink helmet was called by his fellow workers “Superman”. Yes in English.

Dirty Fake Tulips

Dirty Fake Tulips

I don’t normally take pictures of fake flowers but I’ve walked by these so many times without noticing how much Taichung street grim has collected on their surface.

Cooking on the Grill

Cooking on the Grill

We went out to eat at a combination hot pot and barbecue. Toward the close of dinner we cooked dessert. This included marshmallows.

Chicken Feet from a Morning Market

From a morning market in Taichung, Taiwan. Shot with 50mm 1.8 lens at f6.3 1/20 sec ISO 800. Well, I guess you can alway use the toe nails to pick your teeth at the end of the meal.Chicken Feet-small

Sarah on the Swing

Sarah on the Swing

This image did not get posted on my blog as intended. As a result it is chronologically out of order.
My Granddaughter Sarah really enjoys getting on a swing and being pushed. I wanted to experiment with taking this photo. I set the camera at 200 iso, f 11 and speed at 1/40 second, rapid burst. I then moved the camera to follow her swinging. This was the only one of over 25 that turned out well.

Roof Top – Taichung

Roof Top - Taichung

This a typical roof top for buildings in Taiwan. The silver containers are for water storage. Water is pumped up to these tanks and then when needed water flows using gravity. Pumps are also needed when the flow of water is high.

Japanese Style House

Japanese Style House

This is a traditional house that faces the house we are staying in in an old section of Taichung. The left portion of this house has been remodeled and is of a very modern style. Most buildings in Taiwan are of a concrete construction with flat roofs

Gate in Taichung

This is a gate in Taichung that I will try taking pictures of at different times of the day. Here is the first one taken at midday. Graffiti on gate- Taichung0591small

Emily on the Swing

Emily on the Swing

My Granddaughter Emily really enjoys getting on a swing and she is old enough to push herself. As with Sarah’s photograph I wanted to experiment. I set the camera at 200 iso, f 14 and speed at 1/40 second, rapid burst. I then moved the camera to follow her swinging. This was the only one of Emily that really showed the motion well and kept her hair in focus.

Dini Dog and Color Chalk

Dini Dog and Color Chalk

My daughter’s dog Claudine, (Dini) laid down on the chalked sidewalk that Emily and Sarah decorated. She will turn from a yellow lab to a blue lab.

Fruit Stand

Fruit Stand

Members of the Tuesday Afternoon Photo Club have been challenged to come up with photos that are yellow. This one was taken at a large flea market in Sebastopol, CA.

Yogurt Time Sign

Yogurt Time Sign

Members of the Tuesday Afternoon Photo Club have been challenged to come up with photos that are yellow. This one was taken at my favorite frozen yogurt store, Yogurt Time in Santa Rosa, California.

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