Sarah on the Swing

Sarah on the Swing

This image did not get posted on my blog as intended. As a result it is chronologically out of order.
My Granddaughter Sarah really enjoys getting on a swing and being pushed. I wanted to experiment with taking this photo. I set the camera at 200 iso, f 11 and speed at 1/40 second, rapid burst. I then moved the camera to follow her swinging. This was the only one of over 25 that turned out well.

2 Comments on “Sarah on the Swing

  1. Tim,

    Sarah is a beauty … but you already knew. Enjoying all the photos. Keep up the good work and “experimentation.” Tom M.


  2. Tom, thanks for the comments. She is very cute. Today we head south and tomorrow will be offering an experience in paper making to the 80 children in a small elementary school near the coast in Ping Dong County. I’ll try to post some photos from this activity. Still looking for an appropriate postcard.


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