Boys Watching the Opening Ceremony

Boys Watching the Opening Ceremony

These three boys were enjoying the opening ceremony for the Cheng Long Wetland International Environmental Art Project. The ceremony was held April 13 at the village temple and many in the village came to enjoy the food and presentations.


Close Up of Two Puppets from the Puppet Show

Close Up of Two Puppets from the Puppet Show

These are two of the puppets from the puppet show at the birthday party. Looking closely you will see that the puppet maker kept the two dimples in the face of the female puppet.

Puppet Show Ordered for a Birthday

Puppet Show Ordered for a Birthday

While in Zhushan we came across this traditional puppet show. It is transported in a small truck and the sides are all folded into the truck bed. The puppet characters represent the eight gods that bring treasure and fortune. Earlier in the day I saw these same gods painted on the back of a tour bus. They were all in a boat sailing off for treasure. The implication was that if you joined this tour bus you too would find treasure. After leaving the puppet show we stopped at our guest’s home and outside they were putting up a tent for another birthday party. The banner stretched across the entrance, yes you guessed it, there were the same eight gods of treasure.



Zhushan translated, I believe as bamboo mountain boast of its beautifully made bamboo products. The trees are very beautiful as well.

Tea Pickers Getting Off a Truck at the End of the Day

Tea Pickers Getting Off a Truck at the End of the Day

We were visiting the Zhushan area of Taiwan on Monday. There is a lot of Yulong tea grown in the area. Yulong tea is some of the best tea in Taiwan. With the influx of Mainland Chinese tourists they are buying up most the tea. The Taiwanese are having to pay higher prices as a result.

Taiwan Puff Car – Front and side

Taiwan Puff Car - Front and side

Jane and I were walking back from shopping and saw five cars, each representing different characters that included two with characters Japanese animation, one with Hello Kitty, and the last two as Winnie the Pooh and the Pink Panther. I don’t know the character depicted on this care but it was the most complete. The owner had done a wonderful job transforming his Suzuki into an entirely new life. These all showed a true dedication of love.

Taiwan Puff Car – Back and Side

Taiwan Puff Car - Back and Side

This shows the wonderful character painted on the side of the car. It is very apparent that the owners of these cars put a huge amount of time and love into their cars. It must take a vast amount of money but it really shows.

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