Puppet Show Ordered for a Birthday

Puppet Show Ordered for a Birthday

While in Zhushan we came across this traditional puppet show. It is transported in a small truck and the sides are all folded into the truck bed. The puppet characters represent the eight gods that bring treasure and fortune. Earlier in the day I saw these same gods painted on the back of a tour bus. They were all in a boat sailing off for treasure. The implication was that if you joined this tour bus you too would find treasure. After leaving the puppet show we stopped at our guest’s home and outside they were putting up a tent for another birthday party. The banner stretched across the entrance, yes you guessed it, there were the same eight gods of treasure.

2 Comments on “Puppet Show Ordered for a Birthday

  1. Hi Lynn, thanks for your comment. These portable puppet shows are usually booked at temples where they sit in the yard or street and entertain people. Unfortunately, their popularity seems to be lessened by other entertainment such as TV, movies and particularly by smart phones. You don’t see many people watching.

    I’m going to be a very rural village in south-central Taiwan for the next 25 days and I’ll have a chance to see more of a rural life than in the bigger cities where I’ve spent most of my time in Taiwan. My wife Jane Ingram Allen is the curator for an international sculpture exhibit with an environment emphasis. Here is the blog link for that exhibit http://artproject4wetland.wordpress.com


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