Portrait of Man Viewing Bridge Construction

Portrait of Man Viewing Bridge Construction

I’ve been reviewing photos for a portrait competition and came across this one. It was taken on a Taiwan mountainous road over looking the construction of a new bridge. I stopped to photograph the construction and this man was also watching. I took a couple of his photos with the last one being here. It appeared that he had been a long term betel nut chewer and had some of his teach replaced with silver caps. These are free with the National Health Insurance.

Presidio National Cemetery

Presidio National Cemetery

The Presidio National Cemetery’s earliest known burial is 1854. The Cemetery closed in 1973 to internments. As a result you can see grave markers from those who fought in the Civil War, Spanish American War, WWI, WWII, Korean and Vietnam wars. The early markers are varied and seemed to depend on the wishes and financial position of the families. The newer markers are what I consider the more traditional as seen in this picture. There is a road that leads into the cemetery and as you walk up you see an oval with the road splitting to the left and right of the oval. Within the oval are buried the officers. Outside the oval are buried the enlisted. This is not the same in the new sections with enlisted lying next to officers.
For more information, here is a link to the cemetery http://www.nps.gov/prsf/historyculture/san-francisco-national-cemetery.htm

View of San Francisco Bay from the Presidio

Presidio Montgomery St Barracks5288-small

This is the view of the Bay from the back side of the barracks. I was not expecting the workman coming out the door but I think it helped the picture.

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