I was visiting an artists in last afternoon. On one of her many tables she had the bowl of Crystals. At first I thought they were stone crystals but she said no, they were made of salt. The afternoon light was penetrating them and they glowed.

Plastic Gloves

Plastic Gloves

The children were told to put on plastic gloves to help wash the fabric used for the Cyanotype technique by artist Ya Chu Kang. To do the Cyanotype she had the children put their hands on the material along with their favorite toys. Once the material is exposed to the sun it turns blue. The material that was protected by the children’s hands or toys remained white. Her project was part of the Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project in Taiwan.

Holding Hands

Holding Hands

This photo was taken in Arusha, Tanzania. It was out side a church after one of the children were baptized.

Wetlands Mud

Wetlands Mud

This photo was taken at Cheng Long Taiwan. One of the artists, Ya Chu Kang had tried to walked out to her art work and found it rough going. She decided that the frog suit would work better.
I think this photo contrasts nicely with my previously upload one with the clean hands and red finger nails.

Red Nails

Red Nails

Jane Ingram Allen taught paper making at the Santa Rosa Junior College. There were some very committed students. One had wonderful hands that had sparkly red paint.

Handmade Paper on a Tree

Handmade Paper on a Tree

My wife is teaching a paper making class at Santa Rosa Junior College. One of the students formed her wet paper into the tree bark. It was drying and coming off the tree. It makes a beautiful relief sculptural paper. The paper is abaca from the Philippines.

Head Toting

Head Toting

I seem to be looking back on photos that I did a number of years ago. This could be because I’m trying to organize them into categories. This photo was taken on the street in Arusha Tanzania. It seems to have a blend of old and new, bland to bright colors and lots of stories.



Vietnamese venders were everywhere in this Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City day market. The women is selling dragon eyes and the man those “toys” that when moved giggle some part of their bodies.

Sunset on the Serengeti

Sunset on the Serengeti

I was looking back through my photos of our safari to Tanzania and the Serengeti plain. It was very striking. This photo, I usually don’t like sunsets, was taken from the tent resort where were staying.



These two women were attending the Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Arts Project held in a small village on the southwest coast of Taiwan. The photo was taken at Taiwan Night celebration.

Packing Fish

Packing Fish

These ladies are packing fish in Styrofoam containers. The fish are grown in fish farms in and around Chenglong, Taiwan. Once the fish are put into the containers ice is put on top, the top sealed, containers loaded on trucks and driven to different areas of Taiwan.

To Water


I’m very pleased to announce that my photograph “To Water” was selected by the juror Wally Mason for the exhibition Water! at The Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins Colorado. The exhibition is from August 30 to September 28. Please go see the exhibit if you have the chance.

Feet, Hands and Frog Suits

Feet, Hands and Frog Suits

These volunteers were getting ready to go into the water without getting wet and muddy. The exception was the person on the right who did not seem to mind the mud or the dampness. The was at the Chenlong Wetlands in Taiwan

Bamboo Craftsman

Bamboo Craftsman

While at the Chenglong Wetlands International Art Project in Taiwan we visited a bamboo master who makes furniture. Here he is making a stool. For more information on this project go to

Old Man

Old Man

This man attended the news conference for the opening of the Chenglong Wetlands Environmental Sculpture Festival held in Taiwan

Elephant Eye

Elephant Eye

This photo was taken at Tanzania’s Lake Manyana National Park. This baby elephant and his mother passed within touching distance from the safari vehicle. I also submitted it to Photos Win Prizes. If you would like to go to this website and vote for it, I would greatly appreciate that.

Grape Picker

Grape Picker

Grape harvest in Sonoma County is very important to this counties wine industry. This man was one of ten or twelve who picked grapes in a friends field.

Roni is a Cool Kid

Roni is a Cool Kid

Looking back through older photos suitable for portraits I came across this photo. Roni is the son of our host in Arusha, Tanzania.

Sarah Sitting on Her Completed Puzzle

Sarah Sitting on Her Completed Puzzle

Sarah was so happy to have finished aquarium poster.

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