Locked and No

Locked and No

This photo was taken at Peters Valley Crafts Center near the blacksmith studio. I like playing with words in a effort to truncate and/or partially show them. This is the case with this sign. The full sign reads No Smoking.



This photo was taken outside of the blacksmith shop at Peters Valley Craft Center. It turned out to be a wonderful area for shooting.

Grinding Hands

Grinding Hands

This is another in the series of photographs on hands. It shows one of the people in the Peters Valley Craft Center’s blacksmith shop class grinding a blade.


Blowing Bubbles

I’m digging into my archives. This was taken in front of the Fine Arts Museum in Taichung, Taiwan. Lots of people gather here to enjoy talking and playing. It has alway been a great place for taking photos of people.



As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been taking a photography class at Peters Valley Craft Center taught by Richard Ritter. Today’s assignment was to take photos of water. I found a rock to sit on, put my Canon D600 on a tripod set low to the water and set to Live View Mode so I could see the water through the LCD monitor. I then set the aperture and then changed the speed and ISO settings with each picture. This photo was taken at f 6.3, 1/1000 at 800 ISO. This is the first time that I took time to play with the various modes. This was particularly true of manual.

Eating Lunch

Eating Lunch

I took this photo at Peters Valley Crafts Center where my wife, Jane Ingram Allen is teaching a class in sculptural paper making. I’m taking a photography class taught by Richard Ritter with a focus on composition. Although this was not part of an assignment I could not miss the opportunity of taking the photo with so many highlights.

New York City Parking Garage

New York City Parking Garage

I took this photo from the High Line in Chelsea. I found it interesting because of the depth of cars vertically and horizontally.

Man’s tenderest name is called ” Father”

Ashley is an aspiring photographer from Taiwan and someone to watch as she gains confidence and increases her portfolio.



I took this photo when my friend is helping his daughter to put on the suntan lotion, I felt so touched. nothing but LOVE.


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Point Reyes Lighthouse Light

Point Reyes Lighthouse Light

Lighthouse light was a beautiful series of prisms.

Pizza Chef – Color

Pizza Chef - Color

Here is the color photograph that I took of the pizza chef that worked at the location where my wife Jane Ingram Allen had a month long residency. He was so used to my taking his picture that he began to ignore me. That is exactly what I wanted.

Pizza Cook

Pizza Cook

This is the second color photo that I transitioned to black and white. To get a strong black and reduce the blue I increased yellow to +40 and orange to +40 in the grey scale window in Photoshop CS6. I also increased the black and contrast in the RAW window. This seemed to work but others may have other suggestions.

Rotting Tomatoes – Black and White

Rotting Tomatoes - Black and White

I’m experimenting with taking some of my high contrast color photos and transitioning them into grey scale. This is the first one I’m working with. I always welcome criticism and comments and particularly with this and future photos that I’ve transitioned.



This was taken in the glass studio at Peters Valley Craft Center in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area on open studio night July 19, 2013. The class is, “Beyond the Mandrel: Flameworked Sculpture and Jewelry” taught by Amber Cowan.

Making Paper with Golden Water

Making Paper with Golden Water

I’ve been at Peter’s Valley Crafts Center in the Delaware Gap National Recreation Area. My wife Jane Ingram Allen is teaching a paper making class that covers paper making around the world. This photo was taken in the evening as the sun was setting and the light from the setting sun was streaming in the window and lighted the water that was falling through the paper making screen. It was one of those chance situations.

Gum on a Face Ad – Full View

Gum on a Face Ad - Full View

This is the full view of what I just uploaded. The last one was a close up of the photo. This image was taken at Glen Head on the Long Island Railroad platform. I realize that this is a bit odd but….

Gum on Child’s Face

Gum on Child's Face

I’m uploading two images of gum on a face in an ad. The last one is the overall image. This one was a close up. This was taken at Glen Head on the Long Island Railroad platform. I realize that this is a bit odd but….

Blue Eyed Doll

Blue Eyed Doll

Another found object from Brimfield Antique Festival. Her “veil” seems to fit some of the antiquated way that some women of the period dressed. I don’t think this was the intension of the seller.

Blue Grid

Blue Grid

This photo is from a stack of carts that people use to carry groceries. They were for sale at Brimfield Antique Festival. I particularly like the grid patterns.

Guard Dog for Marbles

Guard Dog for Marbles

Another Brimfield Antique Festival photo.

Bobbin and Shuttle

Bobbin and Shuttle

This is another picture from Lowell’s National Historic Park. The bobbin is in its shuttle. This is what goes back and forth to create the weft in the warp of a woven fabric.

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