Locked and No

Locked and No

This photo was taken at Peters Valley Crafts Center near the blacksmith studio. I like playing with words in a effort to truncate and/or partially show them. This is the case with this sign. The full sign reads No Smoking.

9 Comments on “Locked and No

    • Thanks Chris. It was fun shooting at Peters Valley. The 5 day photography class on composition really gave me a chance to focus. One of the many things that came out of the class was to make up a series of one word assignments and put them in a bowl. When you go out you take one and focus your shooting on that assignment. These might include shapes such as lines or circles, emotions such as sad or joy, and motion such as fast or slow. I’m planning on doing this when I get back home.


      • Sounds like a fantastic course. I’d like to try that technique myself. I haven’t had much time to shoot lately and it’s bugging me.


      • Maybe this technique will give you more reasons to get out and photograph. I find that when I don’t have my DSLR with me, I’ve got my cell phone camera. Sometimes it works out for the best. I’ve got two cell phone photos in an exhibition at the Vermont Center for Photography. Here is the link announcing the exhibit. http://www.vcphoto.org/index.php/exhibition/


    • Thank you. Photographing old objects such as barns are fun. There was very little post production on this image. Sometimes it just works in the camera.


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