I visited Lowell Mass today. My goal was to see the spinning and weaving operations. This is a photo of bobbins that are used in weaving.

Unknown Object

Unknown Object

I don’t know what it is but it looks formidable. Hint, I found it on a pier in Boston Harbor. Anyone have any ideas?

Sailboats on Boston Harbor

Sailboats on Boston Harbor

I was out looking at a public art exhibit at the Boston Harbor when I spotted this idyllic scene. I decided to take the shot thinking someone would find this beautiful. I guest it is.



Here are some objects I found at the Brimfield Antique Festival. It was a point where the sun was bright and their reflections caught my eye. I did not touch them so the composition was as the seller laid them out.

Bodiless Mannequins Waiting for the Wrecker

Headless Mannequins Waiting for the Wrecker

This was shot at the Brimfield Antique Festival. I don’t think it was a high priority to sell these but it was a great photo opportunity. Also I don’t think these heads would have matched too well with the mannequin bodies from the previous uploaded photo. This will also go into my found object series.

Ready for the Trash

Ready for the Trash

I was at the Brimfield Antique Festival and there were few opportunities to shoot. It was when I got away from the major furniture area that I started seeing interesting objects. It was nice because it gave me a chance to focus and frame the objects. These two mannequins were found at a antique shop near the festival. If you look closely, you see “trash” written on the chest of back mannequin.

White Chairs

White Chairs

While walking on the High Line in New York City I saw these white chairs. The reflection was also fascinating. For some reason, I’ve begun exploring chairs in mass.

Red Toes

Red Toes

Back to my Feet and Hand series. This was taken on a New York City subway. The person was not aware I was taking the picture.

ate naturally

ate naturally

While in New York City I took a walk on the High Line. It is located in Chelsea and part of the New York City Parks System. I was photographing and came across this sign. Obviously I truncated it.

Tea Pot Reflections

Tea Pot Reflections

I, like many photographers have an interest in reflections. I took this at a business of a friend who was poring hot water into a coffee filter. I had been taking other photos while there and this caught my eye.

Walking Away

Walking Away

I moved to another store/restaurant and started again taking photo through the glass using my cell phone. I set my camera to the HDR option. This caused the second image to have a slight ghostly character. That is what I’m using here.

Rotting Tomatoes

Rotting Tomatoes

Occasionally we find objects in the street that are disgusting and at the same time beautiful. This was the case for me when I saw these rotting tomatoes. They had been there a couple of days without being squished by cars. The sun was just right when I saw them again and I went to get my camera. When I returned the sun had shifted and a shadow from a street sign pole was falling right across the tomatoes. I waited about ten minutes and you see the results. Of all the photos I took of the tomatoes, the street level view seemed to be the most impressive. This photo will be included in my found objects series that I’ve been working on.



It’s been very hot here in Boston and people who don’t have air-conditioning are taking advantage of the parks and green grass.

Trust Me….

Trust Me....

This is the second in a series of photos taken with my cell phone camera from a restaurant. The phone was set up to take the same scene as new people walked into the scene.

Welcome Aboard

Welcome Aboard

This photograph was taken with my cell phone camera. I was sitting in a restaurant watching people and taking random photos. The camera was leaning up against my water bottle and partly hidden. This is one photo among over 75 taken that day.

Three in Great Shoes

Three in Great Shoes

I was walking down Centre Street in Jamaica Plain and these three guys were ahead of me. I noticed their shoes. What great colors.

Flea Market Toys

Flea Market Toys

Sometimes its fun going to a flea market and taking pictures of toys. This is one of a number that I took.

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