Pain – Squashed

Pain - Squashed

One of the ideas that came out of the photography class I took from Richard Ritter at Peters Valley Craft Center was to list topics that can be used when going out for a walk. These could include: circles, rectangles, pain, sadness, static, dynamic, etc. You cut them up into cards and put them in a bowl. I selected “Pain” today. Here is one of the photos I took. I’d appreciate your critical review of this and all my photos.

2 Comments on “Pain – Squashed

  1. Love the different textures on this one. The image can say so much. Good job!


    • Hi Kari, thanks for the complements. I will have to admit that when I began to look at the image more closely I realized that the left side of the crushed bottle was not in focus. I really should go back and reshot it. This time I’ll need to increase my depth of field.


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