Black and White

Black and White

Taken at a nearby festival. Some animals are bright like the macaw but others are just black and white. This cow was being held and milked as the Dairy Princess talked about cows and the benefits of milk. What do think the cow was contented?

3 Comments on “Black and White

    • I recently took a photo class at Peters Valley Craft Center from Richard Ritter and he emphasized the importance of framing in the camera and leaving a bit of room for cropping if necessary. As a result, I try to look at all four corners in my view finder and then move and/or adjust the focal length. Even with this I sometimes have to crop when I missed something while framing.


      • Thanks for your reply. I recently purchased a 50mm prime for my D600, and it’s really forced me to work “in camera” a lot more than I’ve done previously. Fun and rewarding stuff! I too try and do most of my composition in camera, however, when shooting macro shots, I find that close and creative cropping can reveal details that would otherwise be missed–especially by my aging eyes!


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