I went to my brother-in-law’s in Sacramento to visit and to take photos of the North Sacramento area. This picture of the bowling alley is on Del Paso Boulevard. The area has a number of art deco buildings. Taken at about 7:00 in the morning, the light had a differs quality. The pigeons were a problem by sitting on the sign and flying at the wrong time. They were roosting inside the red bowling sign under the entrance way.

7 Comments on “Bowling

    • Thanks Kenn. I’m still debating with myself about taking the flying pigeon out of the photo in post processing. This photo and others may be used as part of a humanities project on recording and documenting the history of this area and the people who live here. If it is, then the pigeon goes.


  1. I like the photo with the pigeon – adds an appealing, intriguing quirkiness to the great capture. You have a nice collection of interesting photos. I’ll check back again to see what you are up to. Best Wishes!


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