Making the BIG Nest, (continued)

Making the BIG Nest, (continued)

This photo shows a group of participants helping to make a big nest in the Commons at Point Reyes Station, CA. This big nest is made with willow branches gathered locally and is big enough for people to go inside. The nest is part of Jane Ingram Allen’s public art project “For the Birds” sponsored by Gallery Route One and Lucid Art Foundation.

3 Comments on “Making the BIG Nest, (continued)

  1. [ Smiles ] Very interesting. A big nest that is large enough for people to enter.

    Nice snapshot!


    • Yes, people will be able to enter it. The paper feathers will be hung from the branches. Since the handmade paper feathers have bird seed imbedded in them the birds will come and enjoy eating them.
      More photos of this project will be posted here so come back and visit daily. Also if you want to know more about the artists doing this project, google Jane Ingram Allen and/or look at her (dated) website
      Thanks for commenting.


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