Hanging Feathers

Hanging Feathers

The large nest got decorated with many handmade paper feathers. People attached them to the large nest in the Commons and to small nests that will be sited in trees along Route One in Point Reyes Station. The small nests are also created by the students during Jane Ingram Allen’s 3-week artist in residency public art project in Pt. Reyes. The project “For the Birds” is sponsored by Gallery Route One, Pt. Reyes Station, CA and the Lucid Art Foundation.

4 Comments on “Hanging Feathers

    • Hi Colleen
      Thanks for sharing this with Star. Please say hello for me.
      Clicking on the picture results in going to GRO because I’ve linked the website to the picture. Scrolling down should take you to my additional photo.


  1. What a wonderful concept and opportunity. My 7-year-old daughter really enjoyed the activities at the Commons yesterday. Thanks to all involved and for Gallery Route One for offering the program.


    • Hi Todd
      We’re very pleased to have worked with you and your daughter. It was overall fun working with West Marin School, Gallery Route One and the volunteers from West Marin. Thanks for commenting and visiting my site.


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