Digging into my archives I saw this photo that I’d always liked except for the dark area in the lower right corner. Someone’s head got in the way. I’m not sure how to correct his in postproduction but will have some time to explore in the next three months.

2 Comments on “Watching

  1. I wouldn’t be bothered too much by the dark spot. And if you really really really want to loose it, I would start by cropping the image a bit on the right and top, just a few millimeters from the right man’s cap. You could also loose some space on the left. Make the image a bit cozier, intimate if you like. By default your eye is drawn to the lither/white spots on a photo, so not to worry to much about a dark spot, unless it’s blocking your view.


    • Jeroen,
      Thank you for your comments. Trying gain near perfection is similar to carrying a large ball and chain. Advice as yours reduces the weight. Thanks again.


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