F4U-7 Corsair

This plane is in the collection of the Air Museum in Tillamook, OR. To see more about this plane, click here http://www.tillamookair.com/-f4u-7-corsair.html. The website for the museum is http://www.tillamookair.comF4U-7 Corsair-wing folded_4515

4 Comments on “F4U-7 Corsair

    • Thanks on the image. This was in relatively low light and it presented some real challenges with too many artifacts appearing. I liked the composition with the folded wings.
      Sorry for the loss on your models. I never got into model building but I do have an appreciate for the detail and patience that it takes.
      My connection to airplanes comes from spending 4 years in US Naval Air attached to a fighter squadron. I spent time aboard the USS America and USS Independence. My last duty was as one of the flight deck trouble shooters for the squadron. Spent time on the flight deck during launches and recoveries. Interesting.


  1. It is a lovely picture! Just the midnight blue of the plane and the greys and white in the back. Indeed shame about the colour noise though you could reduse that with (any) photo editor. That works even better if you shoot in Camera RAW.

    No. No no no. Tell me that isn’t true. I don’t have many goals or dreams in live, but my biggest dream (besides of photographing for National Geographic) is spending a few days on an aircraft carrier, shooting a reportage about life on a ship like that. If there is something that impresses me, it is the dynamics and energy on deck when planes take-off and land. I’m very jealous and impressed with you 😉


    • I’m still working on my tutorial for Photoshop. I’ve not reached the noise reduction one yet. My focus has been building my blog site. Very frustrating with the instructions from WordPress contributors ranging from poor to excellent. Unfortunately,, poor seems to dominate. I’m persevering.

      It is true. Some possible substitutes. When you get to the U.S. you will need to pay the Smithsonian Air and Space museum a visit. They have an exhibit that focuses on aircraft carriers with very realistic footage on take offs and recovery. New York City has the USS Intrepid. There you can at least walk the flight deck and imagine what it is like to be there during flight operations. The Victory at Sea TV series, http://victoryatseaonline.com has some excellent footage of aircraft carriers in operation. Occasionally, the Navy did offer tours of active aircraft carriers. You might want to check with the Navy Department on when and where these take place. Enjoy!

      As to the National Geographic – a wonderful ambition – iTurnes U has a series, National Geographic Live found under Masters of Photography. It has presentations by their photographers and photos of their travels. Wonderful.


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