Feathers Hanging to Dry

The handmade paper feathers are made from pulp created with local plant waste materials (leaves and bark) and have seeds to feed the birds in the pulp. 7 local plants were used to make the handmade paper for this project, and the birdseeds are the blend called “No Mess” because the seeds do not sprout.  The children and adults wrote wishes for the earth and made drawings on the handmade paper feathers they created to hang on the “Nest” at the opening celebration on September 22.

Many Hands Pressing Feathers

Students from West Marin Elementary School making feathers outside their art room.

West Marin School Students Watching

Students watching as a fellow student makes feathers from pulp from local plants.

Jane Ingram Allen Showing How to Make Paper Feathers

Handmade feathers were made by visitors to the Point Reyes Station Commons.

Blue Feathers Being Made

Some of the feathers were made from cut up blue jean cotton fabric.

Family Ready to Make Paper Feathers

A family from San Francisco was visiting Point Reyes and after a demonstration from Jane were ready to make feathers

Feather Frame in the Blue Pulp Vat

Someone is dipping the frame with the feather pattern in to the vat that has the cut up blue jean fabric to make handmade feathers.

A Father and Daughter Making Paper Together

Families really enjoyed working together to make handmade paper feathers.

Even Two Year Olds Were Making Paper

Madeline is working with this two year old to make paper feathers. Her father is proudly looking on.

Writing and Painting on the Dried Feathers

After the feathers were dry, visitors could draw and/or write messages on them. They then were hung on the large nest or attached to one of the small nests.

Writing on the Feather With Walnut Ink

Here a woman decides to write a message on a handmade paper feather using natural walnut ink.

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