Progress is Being Made on My Photographer’s Blog

I’m pleased to announce that progress is being made on my “Photographer” Themed Blog. So far the following has been accomplished

1. Front page has photos with a slide show

2. The Blog is posting blog announcements, such as this one – before my front page would have been the place to look for new blog postings.

3. Jane Ingram Allen’s Art Projects for “For the Birds” has been completed with sub menus for “Feathers”, “Small Nests” and “Large Nest”.

4. The Portfolio/Travel section has text and a photo for Cambodia and for Vietnam and more photos for Taiwan. More will be added to Cambodia and Vietnam.

More progress will be be coming in the next week.

Thank you for your patience and for putting up with the occasionally wrong posting.

I’d welcome your comments. There should be a form below for comments.

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