HoChiMin City Venders

Vietnam was a fascinating place and wonderful for photography. We stayed in HoChiMen City for most of our stay. The people were friendly and the shopping was interesting and diverse. We plan on returning to Vietnam

4 Comments on “Vietnam

  1. Vietnam is absolutely a treasure trove of photographic opportunities, and you’re absolutely right about the people – it’s a genuine friendliness, rather than “I’m smiling at you because I’m charging you ten times the actual price for that drink” friendliness that you get in some other places. Glad you enjoyed your time in HCMC.


    • Thanks for your response. Not only did I enjoy the people but the food was outstanding as well. Bali and Vietnam are the two countries that I visited that I look forward to returning. That is besides Taiwan.
      Again, thanks for commenting a visiting my blog.


      • Yes, the food is really great too. Taiwan is definitely on my list to visit in the future. I spent 9 years in China, so I’m really curious to see what China under a different government is like (not that I’m saying I think of Taiwan as part of China, but rather the only surviving part of pre-Mao China).


      • Taiwan is well worth visiting and not just Taipei. With the relationship so much better between the PRC and ROC more PRC people are going to Taiwan.
        There are more college student exchanges. Three of the four PRC students in my classes were very pleased with the freedoms they found in Taiwan. One of the PRC’s goals of influencing Taiwanese about how good China through these exchanges seems to be failing.


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