Ocean View


Hawk Creek Inlet at Neskowin Oregon

I took a break from working on my new blog theme to drive the Oregon coast line. This was taken from the Hawk Creek Inlet at Neskowin at about 2:00 PM. It was very rainy and cold.

12 Comments on “Ocean View

    • Thank you. As you can see from my other photos landscape is not something I do often. Maybe I should reconsider. Since I’m in this area for another 2 months I’ll have some time to practice.


      • Thanks, I’m spending most times indoors with it being the rainy season here. I’m also trying to complete putting photos into the new theme on my blog and preparing to teach an online American History class for the spring. No complains, just reality.


      • Yes, fortunately there are many places to explore on the Oregon coast and it is good for the circulation system to get out and about – camera in hand of course. Here is the web link to where we are staying on this artist residency. http://sitkacenter.org


      • With the rain falling for the last 48 hours you may have second thoughts. The Middle East sounds fascinating. It is an area I’ve not been. We are trying to set up an artist residency in Turkey. I believe that would be a good base to travel from.


      • Ok, you convinced me;) Turkey sounds like a great idea. Are you looking at Istanbul? Beirut could be a tempting alternative. By the way, I am dedicating my latest post “Bottoms” to you – finally some color!


      • We are looking at Izmir. This is very tentative. Jane donated a large world map that was done collaboratively by 42 artists from around the world to a new paper making center at a university there.
        I thought the bottoms photo was a real hoot. Bottoms Up!


  1. …just noticed that it was probably not very elegant to dedicate a post called ‘bottoms’ to you. Oh dear, this must still be the jet-lag. My apologies – my mind was totally focused on the colors… not the title.


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