Hawk Creek Inlet at Neskowin Oregon

Hawk Creek Inlet at Neskowin Oregon

16 Comments on “Hawk Creek Inlet at Neskowin Oregon

    • You really should. I’ve found that the best images are in some what in climate weather as with this one. As we traveled the coast there were some tremendous landscapes. I also found Newport and Garibaldi two jewels.

      • No in climate weather here. Tonight will be at 20 degrees, but that is not normal for us. The high will be 58 on Friday. Without snow or rain on the horizon.

  1. I see you use a Canon T3i. This can not be a kit lens, can it? Mine never come out as crisp and clean looking. I have the T2i. Purchased one month before the 3 came out! Now we’re up to 5 and I’m saving for a new Canon.

  2. I like the Canon mostly because it does take great photos and I’m used to their operation. I’d been shooting with a G2 when I first went to Taiwan in 2004 and used its images for exhibitions and for my wife’s book “Made in Taiwan” by Jane Ingram Allen. In 2008 we scheduled a artists residency in Arusha, Tanzania. I needed something that would be used for safari purposes. I bought a Canon T1i 400D with a Sigma DC 18-200mm 1:3.5-6.3 lens. When talking with the sales person in Taipei he did not recommend the Canon kit lens and said he would give me $100 off on the Sigma lens. The Sigma has been a work horse. It’s heavy but takes great pictures. While in Taiwan in 2013 I was shooting an international sculpture project when my Canon 400D failed. I when to Taichung and bought a T3i 550D. I’m very happy with this camera and I got a great deal as the 600D was already out and it had features that did not make the price difference justifiable. I guess in answer to your question – the lens makes the difference. Thanks for asking and following my blog.

  3. We still have snow on the ground here after it snowed almost 2″ three days ago. Someone said that it was the first time it snowed like this since 1996. It sound like it is too cold there as well.

  4. Very nice shot, I haven’t seen this part of Oregon, I’ll have to check it out next time I’m up there.

    • It is. I staying the Lincoln City area for 3 months. It gave me an opportunity to photograph so much landscape. Some of it the most beautiful that I’d experienced. Neskowin Beach was one of those places.
      Thank you so much for wandering around my blog.

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