Sales & Services

water exhibition

Sales of Photographs

Prints Framed

8 x 10 Framed – $200.00
Printed on archival Epson Luster paper, Framed ½ “ black wood, archival white mat, plexi glazing

11 x 14 Framed – $275.00
Printed on archival Epson Luster paper Framed ½ “ black wood, archival white mat, plexi glazing

Larger sizes: price on demand.

Other printing paper and framing can be arranged.

Prints Unframed

8 x 10 unframed – $75.00
Printed on archival Epson Luster paper

11 x 14 unframed – $100.00
Printed on archival Epson Luster paper

Larger sizes: price on demand

Other printing paper can be arranged
Shipping costs will vary depending on packing material, distance and carrier.

Services Provided

Exhibition of My Photography 

I can provide an exhibition designed to fit your space and on a variety of themes and subjects.  Possible choices include the following themes:

Comparing Cultures
Found Objects

Contact me for scheduling and exhibition arrangements.

Photographing Your Art Work

Quality photographs of your artwork will enhance your opportunity to be accepted into exhibitions, projects and receive grants. I’ve been photographing 2d and 3d art work for the last 20 years. My prime subject has been Jane Ingram Allen’s artwork.

Contact me for pricing.

Photographing Your Art Event

Documentation of arts events with quality photographs is more and more important to prove that you are able to accomplish projects with success. I’ve been successfully recording art projects all over the world. My art project photographs have been published in books, magazines and newspapers, including the entire book of “Made in Taiwan” by Jane Ingram Allen.

Contact me for complete pricing.

Consulting on Exhibition Design and Installation

I spent twenty years in the museum field with responsibility of installing hundreds of exhibitions of a variety of 2D and 3D media. These artworks have been hung in museums, art centers, galleries, and public and private spaces. Services may include, installation of the artwork, lighting, and wall panels and labels.

Contact me for complete pricing

* Photograph from “Water” an exhibition from The Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO. The exhibit was from August 30 to September 28, 2013. Image on the right is my photo, “To Water.”

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