Three Skittish Elk

3elk together

The elk herd was right below the Sitka Drive on a large grassy field. I got better shots from sitting in the car rather than standing in the open.

8 Comments on “Three Skittish Elk

    • Thanks on the complement. We headed south to visit Newport a city on the coast that has a large fishing industry. I’m going back when the weather is better. The rainy weather made the light very flat.
      The two guys in watching (a variation of observing but less sophisticated) are in an ice plant for fish storage and distribution. They looking down from a second story.
      After we got back from Newport the elk were out on the grassy area below where we are staying but it was dark. The next morning I was able to take photos but it was better from the car. Individuals tend to spook them, especially with huntings season going on now.


      • No, not less sophisticated – just different. I love the colors in the photograph, blue and yellow. Just imagine how the scene would look in bright sunlight. Definitely a place to go back to. And, yes, I totally understand that the elk are not keen on human acquaintances these days. Poor things.


      • It appears that we are going to get some clearing weather here by Thursday. I’m going to head down and spend the day walking around. I’ve got to check to see when the fishing boats come in. I’d like to see if I can shoot when there is more activity.


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