Salmon River View on a Rainy Day

Salmon river view with log

Elk Mooning the Photographer

Elk mooning the photographer-9698

I finally got to see a herd of elk up close and this is what I got.

Progress on the New Theme for My Blog and an Apology

Hi Everyone,

I’m making significant progress on redoing my blog under a new theme. I’ve got almost everything completed, I think, with the exception of the Gallery. That will begin tomorrow. I’d welcome your feedback on my newly designed blog.

An apology for posting my Photography Prices and Services. It appears that somethings can only be done by posting.  Please accept this as a process of growth.



Sales & Services

water exhibition

Sales of Photographs

Prints Framed

8 x 10 Framed – $200.00
Printed on archival Epson Luster paper, Framed ½ “ black wood, archival white mat, plexi glazing

11 x 14 Framed – $275.00
Printed on archival Epson Luster paper Framed ½ “ black wood, archival white mat, plexi glazing

Larger sizes: price on demand.

Other printing paper and framing can be arranged.

Prints Unframed

8 x 10 unframed – $75.00
Printed on archival Epson Luster paper

11 x 14 unframed – $100.00
Printed on archival Epson Luster paper

Larger sizes: price on demand

Other printing paper can be arranged
Shipping costs will vary depending on packing material, distance and carrier.

Services Provided

Exhibition of My Photography 

I can provide an exhibition designed to fit your space and on a variety of themes and subjects.  Possible choices include the following themes:

Comparing Cultures
Found Objects

Contact me for scheduling and exhibition arrangements.

Photographing Your Art Work

Quality photographs of your artwork will enhance your opportunity to be accepted into exhibitions, projects and receive grants. I’ve been photographing 2d and 3d art work for the last 20 years. My prime subject has been Jane Ingram Allen’s artwork.

Contact me for pricing.

Photographing Your Art Event

Documentation of arts events with quality photographs is more and more important to prove that you are able to accomplish projects with success. I’ve been successfully recording art projects all over the world. My art project photographs have been published in books, magazines and newspapers, including the entire book of “Made in Taiwan” by Jane Ingram Allen.

Contact me for complete pricing.

Consulting on Exhibition Design and Installation

I spent twenty years in the museum field with responsibility of installing hundreds of exhibitions of a variety of 2D and 3D media. These artworks have been hung in museums, art centers, galleries, and public and private spaces. Services may include, installation of the artwork, lighting, and wall panels and labels.

Contact me for complete pricing

* Photograph from “Water” an exhibition from The Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO. The exhibit was from August 30 to September 28, 2013. Image on the right is my photo, “To Water.”

Sitka Center For Art and Ecology

Sitka Building

Jane Ingram Allen was selected as one of the artists in residence for Fall 2013 at Sitka Center for Art & Ecology in Otis, Oregon.  Jane will be an artist in residence there from October 16, 2013 to January 10, 2014.  The Sitka Center is located in the northwestern part of Oregon on the coast just above Lincoln City.  It is a beautiful area, and Sitka Center is part of the Cascade Head National Scenic Research Area.  They have wonderful studios and small cabins for the residents here.  We are living amidst tall Sitka Spruce trees and also able to see the ocean where the Salmon River runs into the sea.  There are many elk here we are told – we haven’t seen one up close yet but have seen a big herd of elk far up on the mountainside.

Jane is having a great time making her handmade paper art in the big and light-filled Boyden Studio at Sitka Center.  This studio has great facilities for a papermaking with a huge bathtub sink, stove and lots of tables and also a high ceiling for her suspended installations.  Jane is making paper for her artworks from plant materials collected in the Sitka area.  Jane’s husband Timothy S. Allen is here with her at the Sitka residency, and he is enjoying taking photos of everything.  For some really great photographs of the Sitka area and the Oregon coast (also some of Jane’s art projects!), take a look at Timothy S. Allen’s photo blog at

 For more information and photos of Jane’s recent art projects including what she is doing at the Sitka Center, also take a look at her Blog at
Jane's studio

Jane’s workspace is located in the Boyden Studio. It is a huge space high ceilings with lots of tables, excellent lighting and many sinks. It is ideal for paper making.

cooking and hanging area

The Boyden Studio, where Jane is working, has areas for hanging recently couched handmade paper to dry. There is also a kitchen area with a stove that is ideal for cooking plants to make paper.

Jane hanging Sitka logo

One of the first projects Jane did after arriving was to make handmade paper using the Sitka logo.

Jane removing dried paper

Jane also molded damp handmade paper to one of the Alder trees on the Sitka site. Here she is removing it after it has dried.

Hex signs on barn

After traveling to Tillamook, Oregon and seeing the quilt squares on the barns. Jane became interested in making handmade paper quilt squares. The quilt squares on the barns is part of the Tillamook Quilt Trail. Here is their website,

dipping hex pattern mold in vat

Jane is making one part of the quilt square by dipping a frame into a blue paper pulp vat.

frames for making quilt patterns

To make the patterns for the quilt square, it is necessary to cut each part of the pattern from a material called buttercut and sticking it to a frame. Buttercut is normally used for covering material prior to sand blasting.

couching hex pattern paper-

Jane is couching a handmade paper onto a fabric that is then hung up to dry.

Hex pattern paper drying

Recently couched handmade paper quilt squares are hung out to dry.

Jane working on Hex paterns

Jane is working on a dried quilt square.

Jane working on paper quilt

Jane working on her paper quilt. She is putting the individual squares together using threads and gel medium.

finished quilt 1

This is the finished quilt.

Tom Crawford visiting Jane

One of the other residents, poet Tom Crawford, visited Jane to see what she was doing. Tom has been talking about writing some of his poems on Jane’s handmade paper.

Mountain Mist

Mountain Mist

This was taken looking north-west from the Salmon River Estuary.

Netarts Spit

view of cape lookout and Netarts spit

This was taken looking north toward Oceanside and the Netarts Spit on the Oregon coast from the lookout above Cape Lookout State Park.

Gathering Oysters

Oyster Flats-gathering oysters - pano 9660

This was photographed on the Oregon Coast on Hwy 101 between Pacific City and Tillamook .



Occasionally I see something that I think is interesting to photograph. These include abstracts. A few of these come from nature and are inspiring. Some are objects that are machines and their parts but through neglect or abandonment having been exposed to nature and changed from their pristine surface to abstract patterns and colors.  Some I just liked the lines and shapes.

Eucalyptas bark-blog

U.S.A. – Jack London State Park, CA -Eucalyptus Bark


in Hot Water

U.S.A. – Jack London State Park, CA – Water in a Bottle



U.S.A. – Tillamook, OR


U.S.A. - Peters Valley Crafts Center, NJ

U.S.A. – Peters Valley Crafts Center, NJ – Water



U.S.A. – Tillamook, OR



U.S.A. – Jack London State Park, CA


Yellow Lichen

U.S.A. – Inverness, CA – Lichen


grill label-blog

U.S.A. – Tillamook, OR – Name Plate



U.S.A. – Lincoln City, OR










Visit to the Salmon River Fish Hatchery

We recently visited the Oregon State Fish Hatchery in Otis, Oregon. This hatchers has a salmon run. It was fascinating watching these Coco Salmon jump. I’ve seen fish jump but not with such instinctual dedication.

fish jumping top of ladder

Salmon jumping at the top of the lander. The bottom of the ladder opens into the Salmon River.

2 jumpers

There were many salmon in the water at the bottom of this four foot high barrier. It seemed impossible that they were getting over but some must have as there fish on the other side.

high jumper

This one was a high jumper but the barrier was very high.

Highest Jumper

This one jumped so high part of it went out of the frame of my camera.


Street Photography is one of the most enjoyable for me because of the spontaneity. Here I’ve used the term broadly to include scenes that actually took place and those that were staged. When taking photographs in the street I’m prone to look for the narrative. I want something that speaks of the subject being photographed; whether a human story or a cultural one or a combination of both. Most of the images here are from Tanzania where I traveled in January and February 2008.


Tanzania – these school children attended a school having first through eighth grades. Some classrooms had over 60 students. I was told the uniforms were purple because it did not show dirt. Shaved heads were common for both boys and girls. The school was supported by a nearby resort.

masai school

This was the school we were shown at the Masai village that we visited. Smaller in numbers than the other school but very few resources.

masai kids in front of mothers

Tanzania – These Masai children seemed a bit shy.

kids and clothes line

Tanzania – These two children were brother and sister.

crazy buffalo

Vietnam – Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City. This night club was very popular.

It's the sun-blog

Taiwan – It is common for older women to converse in a park using an umbrella for protection from the sun.

Kang art project Chinglong-

Taiwan – As much as this looks like a disaster, it was an art project where the artist was using the Cyanotyte method of imprinting the outline of objects onto a cloth surface. Here she had children lie down with objects. It took 20 minutes of not moving and the children got restless and very hot.


Taiwan – Here is one of the school children as she was laying on the cotton material that would imprint the outline of her body onto the cotton fabric.

cyclist in the commons

U.S.A. – Cyclists in the Point Reyes Station,  CA, Commons.  It is a popular site for cyclists who ride over from the North San Francisco Bay Area.

street outside factory bicycle taxi

Tanzania – A popular and inexpensive form of transportation is the bicycle taxi.

Relay Race

U.S.A. – This was taken last year at my granddaughter’s 3rd birthday. Her sister is running a relay race with her aunt well behind.

sewer on the street with shoes in Mosh

Tanzania – This individual could go anywhere to earn a living.

cofffins in the shop next to the cafe

Tanzania – These two seemed to be relaxing after making coffins.

coke cafe

Tanzania – This cafe was popular although it was right across from the coffin maker’s place.


Taiwan – Talking on your cell phone was popular.

Sitka Spruce Forest

I took this a couple of days ago in the Suislaw National Forest between Lincoln City and Neskowin, Oregon. This 50-year growth followed the 1962 Columbus Day wind storm called the Big Blow that blew down the trees here. The trees from the Big Blow were salvage-logged, and natural seeding took place. This forest had an eerie quality to it with almost no large vegetation on the forest floor and no sounds of birds. What this picture does not show is that this forest was all around us.

Sitka spruce grove-blog


Door Peters Valley Craft Center Delaware Water Gap, Delaware, USA 11-02013

Architecture is also a broad area that includes specific building design and interiors. I’ve also included construction of buildings in this category and as a stretch large equipment used in industry.

Traditional Village

These are traditional Korean houses that are used for guests. They had Japanese paper doors and windows. The roofing was thatch.

Korean Traditional Window

These are the traditional windows found in the Korean models.

NYC Highline parking

To address the issue of parking many cities build elevated parking. This was is New York City in Chelsea. Visually I found them fascinating.

This is a hotel/resort in Pingdong County, Taiwan. It is near a port.

This is a hotel/resort in Pingdong County, Taiwan. It is near a port.

Building in a Important Shopping Area in Taipei

Hsimen Ding is one of the important shopping areas in the older part of Taipei. It is one of the favored meeting places for students.

Tillamook Naval Air Base Blimp Hanger_4504

This is the inside of the blimp hanger at the Tillamook Naval Air Base in Oregon. It is one of the largest wood hangers in the world with the capacity of holding eight blimps. For more information on the building click on the Air Museum’s link,

Traditional Korean Temple with Chinese Characters

Traditional Korean temples that had Chinese characters written on the entrance. Because of the continued and growing interest in the Christian church the temples have been used less and less. In Taiwan, the temple is the center of a community.

Bridge Construction in Taiwan for a roadway going over a steep sided valley.

Bridge Construction in Taiwan for a roadway going over a steep sided valley.

This part of the NanHua University in Taiwan.

This is a view of the periodical display area in the library of the NanHua University in Taiwan.

Many Japanese houses dot the older sections of cities in Taiwan. This one was across from where we liked in Taichung City.

Many Japanese houses dot the older sections of cities in Taiwan. This one was across from where we liked in Taichung City.

condo sales building-Taiwan-72dpi

Condo sales are important but the building that houses the sales usually looks nothing like the finished building. This is a good example. This sales site was designed by a Taiwanese architect using a cartoon artist from Japan.

Longman Hospital Buildings at Presidio0512-blog

This is a section of the exterior of the Longman Hospital Building at the Presidio, San Francisco. The hospital is converted into businesses.

timber operation-blog

Timber operations in Oregon.

Purple House-Cloverdale OR

This was a purple house/business in Cloverdale, OR

Montgomery St Barracks

These are the Montgomery St. barracks at the Presidio in San Francisco.

Kinmen roofs-screen

Traditions Swallow Tail roofs found in Kinmen County, Taiwan.

Color Studies

Green and Yellow

Color studies is an unusual category in that it does not seem to fit anywhere else. I find that looking into a box and seeing colors in various magnitude is fascinating and challenging. I generally do not rearrange objects but move my camera around to find the best composition. Other times colors pop out and they demand your attention. That is true with some of the signs I have shown here. The image of the door in blue trim and white paint shows up here because of the color but also shows up in Architecture section. Pealing paint, older and rusting equipment offer interesting studies in color.


U.S.A. - Sacramento, CA

U.S.A. – Sacramento, CA


bacon lettuce and tomatoes

U.S.A. – Sebastopol, CA Gravenstien Apple Festival


red white blue color

U.S.A. – Pleasant Hill, CA Curb Sides at Kaiser Hospital


Yellow Orange Blue

U.S.A. – Santa Rosa, CA
Car Show



U.S.A. – Sebastopol, CA
Gravensteins Apple Festival




U.S.A – Jamaica Plain, MA
Salt Crystals


signs of Jamaica Plain

U.S.A – Jamaica Plain, MA


Blue White

U.S.A – Peters Valley Craft Center, NJ


Indian corn

U.S.A – McMinnville


peeling paint

U.S.A – Tillamook, OR


Restaurant Coffee Service Set up

U.S.A – Sacramento, CA


orange pumpkins

U.S.A – McMinnville



U.S.A – McMinnville, OR


















Landscape photography is not something I’ve spent a lot of time on. I’ve been much more interested in portraiture and street photography. Since we’ve been staying at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology in Otis, Oregon and previously in the Point Reyes area of on the California coast, I’m forcing myself to do more landscapes. The challenge in landscape photography is to think big but see the compositions.

Fog Off Inverness

U.S.A. – Inverness, CA

Hawk Creek Inlet at Neskowin Oregon

U.S.A. – Neskow, OR

Drive-In Urban Landscape

U.S.A – Yurington, NV (Urban Landscape)

Fog and Sun in the Trees

U.S.A. – Near Lincoln City, OR

Golden Gate Bridge

U.S.A. – San Francisco – Golden Gate Bridge from Green’s Restaurant

View of Ocean from Cascade Head-

U.S.A. – Cascade Head – near Lincoln, OR

Clouds - Wellfleet MA

U.S.A. – Wellfleet, MA

Bali Terraced Landscape

Bali – Terraced Rice Fields

sunset on Serengeti-blog

Tanzania – Serengeti

Bali Rice Fields

Bali – Rice Fields


Oyster Flats-gathering oysters - pano 9660

U.S.A. – Netarts Bay, Oregon


view of cape lookout and Netarts spit

U.S.A. – View of Cape Lookout State Park, Netarts Spit and Netarts Bay, Oregon


Mountain Mist

U.S.A – Salmon River Estuary, Oregon




View of the Oregon Coast

I took this on November 1, the last day of sunshine. It was taken from the upper viewing point of the Conservation Trail to Cascade Head near Lincoln City, OR. You can see the Salmon River on the left and the beaches extending south beyond Lincoln City.  It is a quick drive from where we are staying at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology.

View of Ocean from Cascade Head-

Cascade Head November 1, 2013


Tanzania - Serengeti

I’m generally not a nature photographer. Some of these photos were taken on safari while in Tanzania. The others were taken when I saw something interesting.  When I see other photographers carrying  huge lenses and tripods, I suspect that they are out trying to find that elusive bird that few have seen. Since I mostly shoot with a 18 – 200 mm lens, I have to be pretty close to my subject. Birds and animals are not very cooperative when it comes to coming close. Plus it requires patience to wait for exactly the right shot. My deepest respects to all of you that shoot nature photographs.

Tanzania - Ngorongoro Crater

Tanzania – Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti National Park

Tanzania - Arusha National Park

Tanzania – Arusha National Park

U.S.A. - Oregon Beaches - Lincoln City

U.S.A. – Oregon Beaches – Lincoln City

Tanzania - Serengeti

Tanzania – Serengeti National Park

National Park

National Park

Tanzania - Serengeti

Tanzania – Serengeti National Park

Taiwan - Ching long

Taiwan – Cheng Long

Tanzania - Serengeti

Tanzania – Serengeti National Park

U.S.A. - Fungus on a Log

U.S.A. – Fungus on a Log

Tanzania - Lake Manyara National Park

Tanzania – Lake Manyara National Park

Sitka spruce grove-blog

I took this November 06, 2013 in the Suislaw National Forest between Lincoln City and Neskowin, Oregon. This 50-year growth followed the 1962 Columbus Day wind storm called the Big Blow that destroyed all the trees here. The trees from the Big Blow were salvage-logged, and natural seeding took place. This forest had an eerie quality to it with almost no large vegetation on the forest floor and no sounds of birds. What this picture does not show is that this forest was all around us.

Elk mooning the photographer-9698

U.S.A. – Near Sitka Center for the Arts and Ecology, Otis, Oregon



Taking pictures of people is one of the greatest joys I have as a photographer. Some of these are taken with the subject fully aware of me and my camera. Others are caught at a moment in time when they are not fully aware of me. My definition of portraiture is broad. The person could be engaged in a work as the fish monger in Taiwan or simply play as with the two Masai children were doing in Tanzania. When taking photos of a person I want their personality to show through. Sometimes it is in their smile or the frown on their face.

Taiwan Girl Staring

This girl from the Ching Long village in Taiwan, where my wife Jane Ingram Allen does her annual Ching Long Wetlands International Environmental Project really did not want me taking her picture. The girl was elusive and keep avoiding my camera. It became a game of defiance.


Tanzania - Mother of the Groom

Tanzania – Mother of the Groom


Too Tired to Eat

U.S.A. – Too Tired to Eat


Taiwan - Women with a Red Water Bottle

Taiwan – Women with a Red Water Bottle


Taiwan - Sparklers

Taiwan – Sparklers


Tanzania - Laughter

Tanzania – Laughter


U.S.A. - Family

U.S.A. – Family


Taiwan - Man with a Blue Hat

Taiwan – Man with a Blue Hat


Korea - Vendor

Korea – Vendor


Tanzania - Pizza Cook

Tanzania – Pizza Cook


Taiwan - Professor

Taiwan – Professor


Tanzania - Masai Mother and her Baby

Tanzania – Masai Mother and her Baby


U.S.A. - Volunteer for Fort Ross

U.S.A. – Volunteer for Fort Ross


Taiwan - Fish Monger

Taiwan – Fish Monger


Taiwan - Masked

Taiwan – Masked


Taiwan - Road Construction Dummy

Taiwan – Road Construction Dummy


U.S.A. - Working

U.S.A. – Working


Taiwan - Artist and Assistant

Taiwan – Artist and Assistant


Taiwan - Vendor

Taiwan – Vendor


Tanzania - Teachers and Students

Tanzania – Teachers and Students


Taiwan - Tastes Really Bad

Taiwan – Tastes Really Bad


U.S.A. - Grape Harvest

U.S.A. – Grape Harvest


Taiwan - Educator

Taiwan – Educator


Taiwan - Father and Daughter

Taiwan – Father and Daughter


























Ocean View


Hawk Creek Inlet at Neskowin Oregon

I took a break from working on my new blog theme to drive the Oregon coast line. This was taken from the Hawk Creek Inlet at Neskowin at about 2:00 PM. It was very rainy and cold.



I visited Korea in October 2013 for an International Nature Art Curator’s Conference hosted by YATOO-i – My wife,  Jane Ingram Allen had been invited to this conference because of her background and experience. The conference was held in Gonnju a city of about 250,000 people. The photographs here are not of the conference but of my travels in and around Gonju.


Traditional Village

Some of the conference attendees were housed in these very tradition recreations. They were very beautiful but sleeping on the floor was extremely difficult. The next day, we were given mattresses that we put on the floor and then blankets on top. Still hard but better than nothing.


Small Stree in Gongju

Gongju had a interesting streets. This one was a small side street with many businesses.


Mechanical Woman

One of our friends who came up to visit us pointed out this mechanical woman. I’m not sure what they are used for as I only saw this one and it was from the car.


Korean Women on Bike

Before taking the picture of the mechanical woman I spotted this woman on the bicycle. I enjoyed that she was riding the bike with white gloves.


Traditional Celebration with Flag

There was a traditional festival celebrating the history of the city. Most of the events were taking place on both sided of the river and at the castle on the other side of the river.


Ship Lanterns

These ships symbolize the strength of the emperor. They were lit with lateens but largest ones were on the opposite side of the pontoon bridge that people used to cross the river.


Lanterns a Far View

These are the lanterns seen from the castle side of the river.


Launching Fire Lanterns

The festival organizers made it possible for visitors to launch fire lanterns. You could write wishes on to the side of the lantern. and then launch them.


A Fire Lantern Rising into the Air

Here is a lantern rising with someone’s wishes written on its side.


Launched Lantern

Launched lanterns rise and then head out over the river as this one is doing.


Outdoor Drumming Concert

A concert with traditional instruments was held at the festival. Here two drummers are performing with one counter pointing the other. This was a lot of fund for everyone, including the drummers.


Jane with a Traditionally Dressed Man and His Horse

We attended a parade that was part of the festival. One of the onlookers was this man and his horse. Jane couldn’t help herself.


Two Children in the Parade

These two children were riding a float in a holiday celebration parade in Gungju Korea. The float was a depiction of a dragon.


Rice Field

This rice field along with many others was nearly ready to pick.



This scarecrow was near where we stayed.


Two Women Cleaning Vegetables

I happened upon these two women cleaning vegetables for the dinner meal. I really enjoyed the colors from the seat to their clothes.



These are chestnuts that have split from their husks. They were being sold in the country.


Traditional Korean Temple with Chinese Characters

We saw some traditional temples that had Chinese characters written on the entrance. Because of the continued and growing interest in the Christian church the temples have been used less and less. In Taiwan, the temple is the center of a community.


Korean Air Stewards Waiting to Leave

On our return to Incheon International Airport we encounter these Korean Air flight attendants waiting in very orderly rows. That never happen with U.S. flight attendants.





















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