Dazed Hawk

This bird crashed into our large window yesterday morning. It sounded like a small sonic boom. I went out and started photographing the bird from as close as 140 cm. It took the bird about 10 minutes to recover, fly off and sit in a nearby tree. I’m not sure the species of this hawk but it maybe a juvenile Cooper’s Hawk. If you think otherwise, please let me know by commenting.

4 Comments on “Dazed

    • Thank you. It was a strange event. I’m pleased the the bird was not permanently hurt. I read that the Cooper’s Hawk is a fast flyer the maneuvers around trees in a forest in pursuit of birds. This one must not have been used to windows.


  1. Great photo! I’m glad the bird survived.

    A story from about 1988, when I was living in Cottage Grove, Oregon: I was driving along a road on the east side of the town, near I-5, when a young hawk (I believe a Cooper’s hawk) slammed into the hood of our car. I think that it was diving at some prey animal in the grass beside the street and failed to note that a car was approaching.

    Unfortunately, that young hawk died. The memory still saddens me. I have felt implicated in its death.


    • Sad story about the hawk. Thank you for sharing it.
      Driving to the central coast of Oregon from Sant Rosa California I’ve notices the increasing numbers of hawks sitting in trees, on lamp and fence posts. These birds of prey seem to be making a remarkable recovery. It is a pleasure to see the growth of these birds.


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