The Look

Elk looking sternly-1949

They came back into the field below the Sitka Center to say goodbye to us since we are leaving tomorrow.

10 Comments on “The Look

    • Thanks Bill, Yes they do have a way of confronting you. This and the other photos I took of them today was taken from my car. They see so many cars they are not too skittish with one present. If a person walks near them they will run away.

    • Thank you. It was great to see them again and so close. It was raining and the atmosphere was different than the last time I saw them. They also looked more scruffy from their hair being water logged.
      We are headed back to Santa Rosa, California for a couple of months and then to Taiwan for 3 months. I carry with me wonderful experiences from this area of Oregon and huge portfolio of images that will keep me busy.

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