Weekly Photo Challenge: Window


11 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

    • Thank you. Taking the right photo did entail patience – waiting until the sun came in the window at the right angle. As I remember, there was also waiting a number of days for a clear skies.


  1. That’s an excellent window photo, Tim. I don’t know how you succeeded in coping with the range of light but it’s perfectly done. A lovely homely room as well.


    • John, thanks. This was photographed at my son’s home near Boston. I was shooting for competition that wanted the influence of curtains. I’ve had some comments from my fellow photo club members that I should have tried to get around the end of the metal bed rail. Much of this had to do with focal length. I shot it at 24mm on a 18 – 200 mm lens. Had I shot it at 18 and moved my camera closer to the bed and shadow I would have removed the rail’s dominance from the photo. I keep forgetting that I do have feet and can and in many cases should moved instead of changing the focal length. I also should have changed settings on the camera and used a tripod. Oh, so much to learn. Criticism from you and others have helped me think before taking my photos. One can do a lot in post production but you can’t change perspective.


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