Picking B&W

Picking B&W

I rarely do black and white but Thaddeus Miles from http://thaddeusmiles365.wordpress.com suggested that I try it. Well. what are your thoughts? Do you prefer the color or the black and white? Please let me know and if you like, why.

21 Comments on “Picking B&W

  1. Beautiful image, yet I prefer the color version for its warm tones in the hands and golden grain in contrast to the cool grays in the background.

    • Thank you Jeroen, I’m leaning to the color. I need more study on how to enhance B&W. Simply converting color to b&w, as you said, leave the image softer and it fails to snap off the screen.

  2. This is the kind of shot that works very well in B&W and is much enhanced by the transformation. Really great photograph! What has concerned me are the number of ways to filter a photo into B&W, so once you have something like this that has all the laments of great B&W, then you have so many choices of how to go about it.

    • Thank you for your feed back on this image. I’m still leaning toward color. I’m a bit uncomfortable with b&w because I don’t have much knowledge about the post production process. As I indicated in one of my comments, it was a two step process and I’d like to know more about what these changes changed.

  3. I love both but I think the BNW is a little flat and needs a little more contrast. I would also open the shadow in the top hand. Overall great job for fist time doing a BNW conversation. Just know its a great photo!

    • Hi Thaddeus,
      Thank you for your suggestions on conversion. It is something that I’ll have to play with. I’ve also had some suggestions on working with the color image.
      Thanks again,

  4. I agree with Mr. Miles and Marso: as these stand, I think that the color is a bit better. But I think that you could make a great B-W photo with just a very small amount of additional work.

    • Yes, I agree. I’m working on a couple of lectures I’m doing in March at a university in Taiwan. That’s taking some time but I’ve got to add to my list learning more about B&W. Thanks for the encouragement.

  5. Hi Tim, at present i prefer the colour version though I find the blue a little distracting, but the image is more luminous and the tones better balanced. I agree with Thaddeus above about the mono. You could try adjusting the brightness of each colour channel as you convert to mono. Alternately you could blend the two together. Sometimes I will blur the colour version and layer it behind the mono version so that just a little coloration occurs. It’s fun to experiment.
    Regards, John.

    • Thanks John, I have to try what you are recommending. It is something that I’m not familiar with and will have to do some things by trial and error. What kind of blending mode would recommend? When you blur the color version do you use a filter and if so which one?

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