Line Mess

Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City telephone lines. Is that telephone pole leaning?

18 Comments on “Hello

  1. wow what in the world is that mess doing there? why odn’t they just put up cellphone towers, that pole looks ridicioulous, and dangerous.


    • You are right about cellphone towers. Southeast Asia has one of the highest usages of cellphones in the world. It is a lot easier that trying to get and maintain land lines.


  2. Great photo, do you think this would be allowed in the USA? Ha ha… we see similar tangled lines in the over crowded alleys in Shanghai. I’m really enjoying your artistic eye and take with photographs.


    • Thank you, I greatly appreciate your comments. I’ve been to Shanghai but didn’t remember to overgrown lines. As to the US well probably not but I did shoot one photo in Petaluma that I uploaded earlier that was pretty messy – at least for US standards. Thanks again and for following my blog.


    • I believe that if you want a land line you have to have a separate line run from your land phone to the switching station, if there is one or to the telephone company. I watched a line being put in in Cambodia. I suspect it is far cheeper to get a cell phone and less time consuming. Thanks for your comment.


    • Thank you. This picture was partly to challenge my fellow photographers who kept saying, “Keep it simple with a single focal point.” Sorry to them, the world is much more complicated.
      Also thank you for following my blog and for wandering around in it. It is much appreciated.


      • That’s true: the world is much more complicated than that. It’s also funny how all these “get creative” photo books/blogs all tell you the same things: follow the lines, keep a single focal point etc. etc.

        If everyone keeps taking the same type of photos, the originality is lost.


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