Stretched Selfie - Yogart Time

I think I’m having too much fun with this Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie. This is my 3rd submittal. My apology to those who have seen too much of me already As with the last image I submitted, I was at Yogurt Time, which is located in Santa Rosa, California. They have a new machine that you can take your photo using different styles. I took a series that I’m sharing this week. Now a plug for Yogurt Time. Of all the popular frozen yogurt places in our area, Yogurt Time is the best. Here is their website and then Facebook page http://yogurttime.com https://www.facebook.com/yogurttime Enjoy.


    • It is weird. The screen at Yogurt Time is the size of a large tablet with a camera that is mounted on the wall. You have six different choices. The latest one is called stretch. The first one was X-ray. I pointed my DSLR at the image and clicked. I did some post editing that included cropping. If you got to their Facebook page and scroll down you’ll see some of the pictures that were taken by the camera on the screen.
      As always, I really appreciate your comments.


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