Attitude in Black & White

Attitude in B&W

I’m experimenting with Black and White images. Which of the two images, color or B&W do you think is better and if you have an opinion why?
Here is the link to the color version
Thank you!

16 Comments on “Attitude in Black & White

      • I think that it emphasizes the important elements of the image, without any distractions. We see the subtle balance of the eyes, the ears, and the mouth; we see the negative space around the head. That’s enough. And more than enough is too much . . .


  1. There’s more information in the colour version though I feel that the green is distracting. I would try Nik Bleach Bypass on the mono version to bring out more detail in the shadows…or try tone mapping the image but go easy on the contrast. Watch the highlights as the colour version has detail there whereas the mono has lost it a little. Hope I’m being helpful rather than critical.
    Regards, John.


    • No of course not. I enjoy getting your suggestions. I’ll have to take your suggestions and try it tomorrow when I’m back home. Critical can also be constructive.


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