Russian River Fisher

9 Comments on “Catching

      • Awww that’s a shame. Nik silver efex might do the trick. Maybe create three images .. High key, neutral and low key and then mask them ? Just a thought.


      • Good thoughts. I don’t have NIK. I’ve been struggling through PS CS6. I’m made it through the basics but have to return to pick up again things I don’t use often. Masking in a more detailed way is on the to do list. Because I teach part-time for a CC in New York I get educational discounts on software but NIK is not on the list. Thanks for the suggestions.
        Yesterday I took some images at dynamic ranges and now will be trying to convert those into HDR on PS.


      • Ooo…I love HDR. You’ll have fun in the learning process. I’m really enjoying Photoshop CC (which is basically the same as CS6).


      • I really enjoy taking photos but the post production is not my cup of tea. I seem to have to return to the instructions again and again. Slow learner.


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