clear skyline Taichung_red building_1822_HDR

Early Morning in Taichung City After a Rainstorm

Weekly Photo Challenge – Street Life

General Junk Store - night

Night View of a store in Taichung, Taiwan.


Day 12_Reporters looking_small-1653

Reporters from Nan Hua University paper where looking across the street at the west side installation of handmade paper prayer flags.

Installing Handmade Paper Prayer Flags

Putting up prayer flags-1

We are nearing the end of Jane Ingram Allen’s two week project of making over 250 prayer flags from handmade paper at Nan Hua University in Chiayi County, Taiwan. Most of the flags were attached to 10 ropes that were 33 meters long. Many students from the Architecture and Landscape Design  Department, who sponsored Jane, came to assist in making paper. More images and information will be posted in the next week on Jane’s blog site


Going Up?

Inside the Fussion Hotel-HDR-1

Yellow – Red – White – Blue – Green

color paper pulp drying

Saving paper pulp by drying it on a window screen.


Night shot of living quad-1

Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflections – On When She Was A Smaller Size

Taiw woman window shopping-2


NanHua Univ Library


Chinese Banians-blog


looking at paper

These people from Nan Hua University Department of Landscape and Architecture are looking at the five different colored papers that have been made by students under the instruction of Jane Ingram Allen. Jane is doing a 2 week project at Nan Hua University and will install 10 lines of 25 prayer flags each in an effort to heal the earth on a particular part of the campus. The prayer flags are made of handmade paper.


Steam Table


Picture taking


soft toys - Nan Hua Univ fair


ceiling windows-library on 4th floor



Windmills in Taiwan?


Windmills in Taiwan

And, no it is not generating power to warrant all those power lines.

Electrified Sun

Electric lines - at sunset

Weekly Photo Challenge – Looking Inside – Voyeur

Looking In-NanHua U

Fishing Huts of Cheng-long Village, Taiwan

Fish Huts S curve of road

Beginning April 10, 2014 six artists from six different countries will come to the small village of Cheng-long, Taiwan. They will be creating art works on some of these fishing huts. The school children from the Cheng-long Elementary school will assist the artists. The children and the Cheng-long Village people will get to know these artist over the 25 days they are in residence to do their projects. My wife Jane Ingram Allen is the curator of this project Cheng-long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project, ( You can also see Jane’s blog at

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