Japanese Red

Japanese House with Red Doors

This photo was taken in Taichung, Taiwan. There are many Japanese houses and building of the Japanese architecture style located in Taiwan. This is because the Japanese ruled the island of Formosa, now called Taiwan for 50 years ending in 1945.

14 Comments on “Japanese Red

    • Thank you Laura. First night asleep by 7:30. Last night 10:30. Still waking up around 3 am but able to go back to sleep. One thing that seems to work is no stimulants while flying, only water to drink and lots of it.
      The Japanese house is in the neighborhood were we are staying and lived before. It has changed little but someone painted the doors. I don’t think anyone lives there but it is taken care of. This an HDR image.


  1. wow those red doors really stand out, against a dirty yucky looking walls no less, maybe that is why they used red to draw attention away from the yucky walls.


    • Could be but I suspect that because red is the color of good luck and wealth they painted the doors and to celebrate the Chinese New Year that was just about two weeks ago.


      • oh that explains it, I remember when I was out preaching to the amish I was told they do not like red they think it is the color of the devil, I have to feel sorry for them because I would think if that was the case then cardinals are doomed, doomed I tell you, lol


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