Taichung-Destroyed building

This building has been like this for as long as I’ve been in Taichung – almost 10 years. Graffiti has been added. Someone started to work on the building and probably ran out of money. It is not picturesque but a subject I’ve photographed often. It is a bit of a contrast to the water lilies I posted before. This building is three blocks away from the lilies. 

10 Comments on “Destruction

  1. The is a lot to see in this picture. but what I like is the contrast between the hald demolished building and its surrounding. The brand new scooters, the building in the back, and the nature elements of the tree left and ofcourse that peeking zebra. Brilliant!


  2. Hmm, good question. You could take a step to the left so the tree is still in the picture but doesn’t get tangled up with the building left. Or try to get higher by climbing on something. I like what I see now (hope you do too) so I wouldn’t change your position too much. Maybe a bit less ground and a bit more sky; the zebra-building looks croped now.

    What could be nice is a series of 4 with different light: early morning, noon with bright sun, rainy afternoon and golden hour (right before sun down). Or try other light conditions. Night if you have a tripod. Fog always works. Take them from the same position with the same focal length.

    What is missing from this picture (although it doesn’t need it that much) is people. You could wait till someone walks or cycles by.

    But again, the picure as is now is not bad at all!


    • Thank you for taking the time to answer with valuable suggestions. I particularly like the idea of taking the image at certain times of the day and in different weather conditions. The additions of people sounds like a good idea. It is a very busy road and I had to wait to take the three HDR images without traffic. But with people and traffic it might creat some interesting ghostly effects. There is coffee shop across from the building that has a second floor with a big window. I’ll have to see if trees are blocking the view. Thanks again for taking the time to make some excellent suggestions. This maybe an interesting project for a part of a large exhibition I’m having in May at a university in Tainan.


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