Feng Shui 风水 Master

Din and Wie in Dalin

The gentleman to the right is Feng Shui Master Din Yuan-Huang. His given name can be interpreted as Yuan = origin, Huang = Earth. The books to Din’s left are the ones he has written and published. The man sitting next to him is our friend Dr Ted Wei, Dean of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design at Nan Hua Univeristy in Dalin Township, Chaiyi County, Taiwan. My wife, Jane Ingram Allen (http://janeingramallen.wordpress.com) will be starting next week an interesting project that is designed to help heal the earth at a strategic location on Nan Hua University’s campus. She will be using handmade paper and natural material to complete this project. The Feng Shui Master is playing an important part in this project. More images and information to follow in the next three weeks.

2 Comments on “Feng Shui 风水 Master

  1. I believe in Feng Shui. Everything about the principle is rational, superstitions aside, There must be order in everything around us. TEach us the basics when you return Master Tim?


    • I agree with you about the belief in Feng Shui. Master as a title for me, not so. We are all learning. This is particularly true for me. Student Tim would be more appropriate.


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