Steam Table

6 Comments on “Steam

    • I’m using my Canon Ti3 600. Is been shorting with a large depth of field and didn’t take the time to a tighter depth of field when taking this image. I kind of like the in focus background. There seems to be lots of interesting stuff in this photo, hopefully not too cluttered.


      • No it’s nice but I thought I saw noise but maybe not. After HDR processing, I always run Topaz Denoise or if you have the Nik Collection the one that reduces noise…I think it’s called Define. Anyway, I’ve gotta run here but I’m loving these photos!!!


      • Usually I run noise after doing HDR and then I might even right a tad of raw output sharpening…that’s a powerful one though, so you only need a touch! And sometimes I use control points only for both these things. Just fyi. I’ve been using this software for awhile and it took me forever to figure that out, lol.


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