White Blue

white & blue wall of Hua Yuan

Blue and White Wall in Hua Yuan Village, Taiwan

Raining in Hua Yuan (Flower Garden) Village

Rain over Hua Yuan - May

Heavy periodic rains over Hua Yuan Village, Taiwan

Hua Yuan Village Colors

colors of Hua Yuan

Colors in Hua Yuan Village, Taiwan

Hua Yuan Village

Hua Yuan -mountains

View from Hua Yuan Village Elementary School

Mountain Clouds

clouds of Hua Yuan

Mountain Village, Hua Yuan, (Flower Garden), Taiwan

Tradition vs. Modern

Trad vs Mod-pan

Traditional vs. Modern Architecture in Tainan, Taiwan

Weekly Photo Challenge – Twisted

They seem to Treasure each other and I Treasure having had the opportunity to see them. It also seems to be appropriate for Valentines Day  Tanzania - Arusha National Park

They seem to Treasure each other and I Treasure having had the opportunity to see them. It also seems to be appropriate for Valentines Day
Tanzania – Arusha National Park

Alien Probes Over Tainan, Taiwan

Alien Probes Over Tainan

Aliens on the Probe in Tainan, Taiwan

Turning the Clams

Stirring the Clams

Clam harvesting in Cheng-long, Taiwan

Storm Arriving Over Tainan

clouds over Tainan

Storms Arriving Over Tainan, Taiwan


Dead Fish

Fish Being Precessed for Shipping to Taipei Restaurants

Pink and White Above Tainan

color skies above Tainan

Late Afternoon in Tainan, Taiwan

Blue Gold & White in Tainan

blue gold & white in Tainan

Dusk in Tainan, Taiwan

Blue and Gold in Tainan

blue and gold

Late afternoon sunlight on the side of a building in Tainan, Taiwan

Moon over Tainan

Harvest moon in Tainan

Harvest moon rising over Tainan City, Taiwan – May 14, 2014

New Menu Item for EXHIBITIONS – Find “Landscapes by Timothy S. Allen” at Kun Shan Technical University, May 13 – 23, 2014 – There

Reflections of Sunset on Neskowin Beach, Oregon

Reflections of Sunset on Neskowin Beach, Oregon, 19.7″ x 34.9″, 50cm x 89cm

Go to https://allentimphotos2.wordpress.com/exhibitions/landscapes-by-timothy-s-allen-at-kun-shan-technical-university-may-13-23-2014/ to see all of the photographs shown in “Landscapes by Timothy S. Allen”


Chinese Banyans – From the Exhibition “Landscapes”: Photography by Timothy S. Allen

Chinese Banyan Tree

This is the triptych at the entrance of my photography exhibition titled “Landscape” The title is “Chinese Banyans”. The trees were photographed in Chiayi County, Taiwan. The size is 26″ x 60″ or 66 cm x 155 cm.

Landscape: A Photography Exhibition by Timothy S. Allen

Exhibition Invitation跨境心景_邀請函A5_正面

You are all invited to my exhibition of 24 photos at Kun Shan Technical University 崑山科大, College of Creative Media 創意媒體學院, Tainan, Taiwan. The exhibition opens, May 13 and closes May 23. There is a special reception Sunday May 18 starting at 2:30 PM. Would love see you there.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Aliens – On the Move

Aliens on the move

Skyline Taichung, Taiwan

Trying to Get Away on One Broken Wheel

Trying to get away-72dpi

Aerator Series: from Cheng-long Village Aquatic Farming, located in Taiwan

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