Still Aerator in a Pond

Aeriator in a pond

Since return from Cheng-long Village in Taiwan, I’ve been reviewing my photos and have been spending time on the images of the water aerators that were in most of the ponds. I’ll be doing a series of these images with occasional breaks.

5 Comments on “Still Aerator in a Pond

  1. I see similar devices in some of the local ponds. I’ve often wondered if the ponds were all or in part fish farms.


    • It could be but most of the crops in these aquatic farms are clams. Clams seem to be popular as companies are buy them and turning them into high concentrate to be added to soup. There seems to be a belief that clams enhance a person’s health. I checked Google there seems to be lots of health claims for clams.


  2. WP is acting strangely. I know I liked this early this morning but I clicked on it again just now and it didn’t show me as liking it. I’ve noticed this with others too. Anyway, I like it! lol


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