Storm Arriving Over Tainan

clouds over Tainan

Storms Arriving Over Tainan, Taiwan

30 Comments on “Storm Arriving Over Tainan

      • I love Nik 🙂 I’m glad you have that now. I love using the brush feature too when I don’t want to apply it to the whole image or do a selection. You can just brush with a brush changing the opacity to what you like and voila!


      • That is cool. I’ve not taken the time to explore the many options that are available. The brush feature seems to be an important one that I’ve missed.


      • What you do is click the layer you want to work on, then load it into nik..then click the filter you want and then click BRUSH at the bottom of the screen. It will load in photoshop and bring up a box. Click BRUSH and then just brush where you want. It works great for things like detail extractor when you only want I extract detail in certain areas. It’s more subtle that selecting an area and applying the filter.


      • Thank you for the detailed answer. I tried this and I may not have gotten it correct but I’ll keep trying. I tried using it on the image, “Tradition vs. Modern” that I’ll be posting shortly.


      • I’m glad you like it and you’re welcome. IMHO it’s one of the best tutorials on how Nik works. All the Nik plugins work this way although offer different filtering capabilities.


      • Oh, that makes sense – these acronyms are mostly beyond me. It proves that I more of an anachronism and don’t get very connected with those that use acronyms often. I do understand “lol” but had to ask my son.


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