Hua Yuan Village Colors

colors of Hua Yuan

Colors in Hua Yuan Village, Taiwan

9 Comments on “Hua Yuan Village Colors

      • Usually the temple is one of the main motivators for community activities but this very small village of maybe 500 people has seven Christian churches that seem to be at odds with each other. The school then plays an important role both promoting the interest of the village people and bringing in outside influences. The school is at risk to be closed as there are only 37 students from grade 1 – 6. Some such as grade 5 and 6 only have one student each. 2nd grade has two students. The reason for the low birth rate in some years is due to Chinese cultural belief in the 12 signs of the zodiac. Some years are more auspicious than others and thus it is encouraged or discouraged to have children in those years.


      • After being in Taiwan for a better part of 10 years I continue to learn about the subtle parts of Chinese/Taiwanese/aboriginal culture. Not always easy when there are times when somethings are a bit embarrassing to them and they don’t want to share.


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