Weekly Photo Challenge – Opening onto a “Room”

Blue White

Opening onto a Room

13 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Opening onto a “Room”

    • Thank you. The photo was taken at Peters Valley Craft Center in the Delaware Water Gap in western New Jersey, U.S.A. I set the camera up in a classroom pointed through a door that open onto this hallway. It took me two days of shooting this to get it right. After taking the shots the first day I downloaded the images and the framing was too far to the right. I had missed the left edge of this photo. The light had changed that day so I had to wait till the next morning. Fortunately, it was sunny but when I arrive in the classroom the scene did not look the same. I had to slightly open the door across from the classroom and the door at the end of the hallway. That brought back the light. I then shifted the framing to the left to include additional stair rails and more of the lower wall. It seemed to click. I couldn’t back up more because I would have captured the frame of the door that entered the classroom from the hallway where I was shooting. I like this image so much I have it is on the back of my business card. Thanks for you comment.


  1. I love the color – the blue stripes stand out against the white paint. The place definitely looks like an old house or historical building!


    • Yes on the old house. It is part of the U.S. Park Service who owns the Delaware Water Gap Recreational Area in western New Jersey. This building and others are used by Peters Valley Craft Certain for classrooms and residences. This house is used for residences and a watercolor studio. It was from the watercolor studio that I took this photo.


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