Bright Lights at Night

blue red gold fireworks




blue & abstract firewords


golden fall fireworks

golden fireworks



15 Comments on “Bright Lights at Night

  1. These are absolutely fantastic Tim! May I ask what exposure you used. Wait…let me guess…how about f/11 and 8sec ISO200?
    Whatever it was, very well done on each image 🙂


    • Thank you. The settings were ISO 200, f/9 and BULB. This was the first time I’ve tried taking images of fireworks. Some images were held open for as long as 12 seconds. At times I used a dark blue folded towel to cover the lens while the shutter was open to build the number of patters of light on the sensor. Some became over exposed but some became very strange abstracts. The move difficult aspect was getting the images in focus. Overall, I found it challenging and enjoyable.


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