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10 Comments on “Scavenging

  1. This is a good shot. Like most good photography, it doesn’t judge the man, it simply documents what’s there. There have always been people who did this, even painters who set up on city streets with their easels. I think this kind of work is important.


  2. I came here from Bill’s blog – and just wanted to say I am glad I did – great shot – and I read the comments to know he is working – but I also love the ladies to the left – there is such a hidden message of money here that i cannot even really articulate what I feel. Like their digging for the change – then the pay meters – then the value of what’s in the black bag –
    the circle of the pots with the circle of the wheels –
    and the collector’s dark clothing and tall dark figure in a type of balance with the trees –
    some good tension here – 🙂


    • prior, thank you for your insightful comments. One aspect that I did not mention was that the camera was sitting on a table and I was remotely controlling the shutter.
      I appreciate your comment about the women trying to find money to put into the meter. They are a real contrast between the man who appears to be gathering cans to turn in for money. Ironically, he is working to make a living but still seen as part of the underclass. The downtown area of Santa Rosa, California has a large population of homeless.
      Thanks again, and also for following my blog.
      I like your color studies of bananas, pomegranates, and other fruits.


      • well thank you allen – for saying you like my post :0
        and thanks for the reply to my reply – it was nice to read. And I learn so much from blogging – and especially from photo blogs – and wow – a remote shutter – fancy!!!!!

        oh and there is also some nice contrast with the look in this man’s eyes – vs. the ladies not looking at all – but rummaging for change – but his face and stare is powerful and maybe even gives him the dignity he loses when he is looked down as “less than” – ya know?


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