The Fortuna – Art Deco Theatre

Fortuna, California, 2014

Fortuna, California, 2014

12 Comments on “The Fortuna – Art Deco Theatre

  1. One lonely vertical line straight from the grey ground to the dark blue sky. It’s color is eye-catching neon-pink which draws our attention to the hotel’s name ‘Fortuna’. Yes, we still seek for fortune on a open road of destiny. Thanks for sharing ^^

  2. Tim- may I call you Tim? Timothy, Mr. Allen. You are a God, at least for today. This is an amazing shot. There is not one thing about it I would critique or change. The colors, the focus, the composition, the aperture that allows you to get the star like effect on the street lamp. Kudos!

    • Hi Emilio,
      Yes, on Tim and I hope I may call you Emilio. Thank you so much for you complements. A God for the day seems a stretch, demi maybe but probably not.
      A B&W version of this image will be coming in a couple of days.
      Again, thank you.

      • Well, Demi, the black and white version better be as good as this one or you’ll be demoted!

      • Tim, I hope you know I am joking. I have no doubt in your creative abilities.

      • Emilio, I know you are “pulling my leg” (idiom for ‘I’m joking). Thanks for your comments. I’ve been traveling all day and I’ve not had an opportunity to respond until now.

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