The Fortuna Theatre – Black & White

Fortuna, California, 2014

Fortuna, California, 2014 

Appeared in MM Week 28 –

15 Comments on “The Fortuna Theatre – Black & White

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  2. My only complaint about this b & w processing is losing the colors of the sign. If I hadn’t seen your color version first I never would have missed the neon. I also notice the tilt of your camera more in this version. I like that you didn’t straighten the street!


    • Hi Emilio,
      It is hard to make the shift to the B&W. I might try brushing out the B&W in the area of the lights. The angle of the street was a bit challenging. I’ve corrected the horizon a bit on a later version not posted on my blog but on Leanne Cole’s site. It is listed below my blog’s image. Thanks again for your comments.


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