Fox Oakland Theater

This is one of the most classical theaters and marquees in the northern California. A must see.

This is one of the most classic theater buildings and marquees in Northern California… a must see.

7 Comments on “Fox Oakland Theater

  1. Great series, this. Great to see how this heritage is kept. Are there a lot of these theaters in America? And how did you make this photo? Long exposure and a tripod? More to come?


    • Thank you Jeroen. There are some theaters that are being restored after years of being idle. Others, unfortunately have been razed.
      Yes, on the long exposure and using a tripod. This image was shot at 8.0 seconds, f 22 and 100 iso.
      Yes, on more images of theater marquees. The challenge with some of these theaters is when they are open. Since the one like the Fox Oakland is a performance theater and not a movie theater they are not open everyday. Today it is easier to Google this information. The other challenge is the lighting. I photograph these at dusk to catch a light that is more dramatic. That means only one theater per night.
      Thanks again.


  2. Someone will thank you for documenting these when more of them are gone. I’m amazed at how many are still glowing in your state, I haven’t seen more than one or two like this in the past 20 years.


    • Hi butmcc,
      Thank you for your comments. We are fortunate that there are many theaters that are being preserved. Fox Oakland is one of the best examples of that. If you wander back through my blog you’ll see more marquee images.
      If you would like to do more exploring on the subject, here is a website that lists theaters by state and city. This site list all theaters but does categorize them by restored, destroyed, open, etc.
      Thanks again.


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