Dead Flowers – Which Do You Like?

Do you like this image or the following one?

Do you like this image or the following one?


25 Comments on “Dead Flowers – Which Do You Like?

  1. I like the first one better, have not yet put my finger on it, maybe its the thirds factor in which the subjects are offset. I reckon different strokes for different folks, that’s why you should always show different perspectives of a shot.


    • Thank you Jim. Yes on the thirds factor. The second has a stronger diagonal. You are correct about the strength of showing more than one image. I’m also forcing myself to take more than one or two shots of a subject. I’m planning on revisiting this subject over the next week to see how the flowers change. We’re having lots of rain right now and it should cause further deterioration. Thanks again.

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  2. I prefer the 1st one as the pink flower is juxtaposed with the pink petal, alone on the left side. I like the wider view as well. More dead things around the living, I guess. 🙂 Have fun playing with it!


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