WPC – Reward – Tranquility

Westphall Ridge Vineyards, Rockpile Rd. Geyserville, CA, February 2015

Westphall Ridge Vineyards, Rockpile Rd. Geyserville, CA, February 2015

10 Comments on “WPC – Reward – Tranquility

    • Thank you. This is an HDR with the extremes turned way down. I’ve been experimenting with LR5 and using NIK HDR filters. It seems to work well. The sunset image from yesterday used the same method but with the options cranked way up.


      • It looks very ‘naturalistic’. I would have never guessed. Perhaps at the HDR session next week you can share with me the images used in the HDR composite and how the treatment aided what you wanted to achieve.


  1. Hey! I’ve been on that road until you couldn’t go any further; it only seemed open to local traffic. Nice shot with colours as I remember them.


  2. I love the effect on this. I’ve never used LR, but have it on my computer. Someday I’ll learn it. I like the concept of “turning it down” so the photo looks a bit more “real.” But I do also like the heavier HDR stuff, like your previous shot of sunset.


    • Thank you. In the case of HDR, LR allows you to work on one image for spot corrections, cropping and reducing noise, increasing sharpness and other operations Then you synch all of those corrections and changes to the other images that were taken as a group. It is in NIK, Photoshop or other programs that do HDR where the images are blended together. It is in one of those programs, I use NIK when you can change the effect on the composite image. After the HDR related software does its job you can return the saved image, usually TIF, to LR to make corrections or modify the HDR image.

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