California Live Oak at Sunset

Crane Region Park, Santa Rosa, CA, March 5, 2015

Taken at 6:46 pm 38 minutes after sunset.  Crane Creek Regional Park, Santa Rosa, CA, March 5, 2015

18 Comments on “California Live Oak at Sunset

  1. Lovely photo Tim. I see you are a professional. I’m afraid I just play with a little digital point and shoot, and sometimes a wee bit of Photoshop Elements…


    • Hi and thank you for you comments. Today’s cameras are remarkable for what they can accomplish. Photography represents the eye of the beholder. Perspective/point of view is an important part of that vision/eye of the beholder. Viewing the scene through the grass, as you did is refreshing and one not normally seen. Keep thinking about new ways of looking and you may find yourself with a whole new way of seeing. Best with all of your photographic endeavors.

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  2. Gorgeous photo, perfectly captured at dusk [or dawn]!!

    The Taiwan Lantern Festival is in full swing now in Taichung. I went to the portion around the HSR station yesterday and it was pretty awesome! 🙂 You would have a ball photographing there if you were in Taiwan.


    • Thank you on the photo. I’m arriving in Taiwan Thursday night and will be in Taichung Friday. It’s unlikely I’ll have time to photograph the lanterns in Taichung. We’re staying in Taoyuan for a couple of days and then to Hsin Zhu for two weeks.


  3. Very, very hard to choose between this and the one taken a bit earlier. Both are wonderful.


  4. I like how you post the date, time and location. I have referred to date and time on my old photos, considering to reshoot. To retake a shot with, for example, the same shadow path, one may have to wait nearly a year!

    Back to your oak tree—finding that same tree may be another challenge, unless one has precision GPS in the camera’s metadata!

    Your photo inspires a good climb!


    • Anne, thank you. I was at Crane Creek Regional Park this early morning photographing trees and landscape. I’m playing with them now. I’m turning some into B&W and others adding a sunset filter.
      I’d highly recommend going to this park. During summer the early mornings are best.


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